AKDH e.V. - The kennel club for
the responsible clubs, breeders and exhibitors

Welcome dog owners, welcome visitor! What can you expect on these pages? First and foremost, a lot of information about our association, to kennel clubs generally, help to our breed dog breeders and their successes to national and international exhibitions and last but not least we give an insight into our community life and to those interested in teaching a puppy and the related issues. We don't want to sell anything, but want to inform objectively and enlighten. That is why the pages are simple and clear constructed and organized in depth.

The Allgemeine Kynologische Deutsche Rassehundeverband e.V. in brief AKDH e.V., founded 1996 in the Lower Rhine region, is a national umbrella organization headquartered in Krefeldsupranational we are connected to the World Kennel Union shortly WKU. Main target of the AKDH e.V. is to breed pedigree dogs in accordance with the valid breed standards. Our priority is the dog, not the owner. We set consistently for animal welfare, welfare and breeding, combined with the increase in racial health.

Several times a year we organize dog shows, which are accessible for each pedigree dog. These exhibitions will be held to assess the dogs according to the recognized current breed standards.

The AKDH e.V. seeks to collaborate with other associations, because we are firmly convinced that the best thing for the breed dog, and its holder, can be achieved only through the mutual exchange between the clubs. We refuse to discriminate against other clubs. Do you have questions that are not answered by the above-linked sites, please contact us directly at any time or just visit us at one of our events. Here you easily can get in contact with dog owners, thus gaining an impression of our work. With or without a dog - we look forward to meet you!